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Kitchen Worktop Natural Stone

Kitchen counter Type Natural stones

When making kitchen worktops, natural stones are materials widely used, cut by marmorists in specific measures. Granite is the recommended material, besides being more popular because of its cost and its abundance in some countries, it is more resistant when in contact with acid substances than other natural materials such as marble, limestone, travertine and others. The countries with the largest amount of granite are Brazil, India, Finland and Norway, as well as several African countries.

Marble, on the other hand, is more traditionally exploited in countries like Greece, Turkey and Italy, but also very popular in South America. Marble is considered to be more elegant and thinner than granite, but due to its characteristics and properties it should be used in areas less susceptible to corrosive products and therefore not suitable for handling acid and chemical products. such as laboratories, medical, dental and other offices.

Marble and granite are expensive materials for large extensions, but give a special charm when they appear on kitchen sinks and general sinks. They come in several versions and are interesting when combined.

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We provide Metis worktops surfaces fitting

We provide Metis worktops surfaces fitting

15mm slimline solid surfaces from Metis place the kitchen at the heart of every home…

Brand new and ultra-thin, metis® 15mm slimline solid surfaces are designed perfectly to offer style and efficiency in the kitchen due to their slender build and shape. In addition, affordable and on-trend ultra-thin design statements can be achieved easily without the need for bespoke templating.

    • Slender in both design and shape

      metis® 15mm slimline solid surfaces reflect the growing popularity of contemporary and transitional kitchen designs. By incorporating ultra-thin surfaces, kitchen designers can achieve on-trend slimline styling to maximise their design statement.

  • Square profile factory finished edges, ready for fitting

    The square 1mm profile factory finished edges come as standard and gives metis® slimline solid surfaces a distinctly modern look and feel.

    • Pre-fabricated, ready to fit, quicker to fit

      Ready to fit on-site metis® slimline solid surfaces are delivered in standard sizes with all working surfaces and edges factory machined and finished, saving you both time and money on your installation. In addition, sweeping curves can easily be cut and finished on-site.


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Our work - Worktop fitters Contemporary kitchen

Is your kitchen right for you? Choose the best kitchen fitting for your needs…

Kitchens should be designed to meet the needs of each dwelling and its inhabitants, for this it is necessary to take into account the space to be worked, with its resources and environmental impositions, as well as the physical characteristics of the residents, in order to establish the best relationship between space and man, facilitating the use of the kitchen.

Although there are measures that are called standards, developed through physical studies with women of different statures over the last decades, the practice of cooking is no longer exclusive to women and today men also "took over the pots" and the advantage of the planned kitchens is the power to adapt these measures to the pattern of each family situation.
Kitchen cabinets

The counters, for example, can be between 85 cm to 105 cm of the floor level, depending on the height of each chef.

Between the kitchen cabinet and the upper cabinets the distance ranges from 40 cm to 70 cm, with depth from 60 cm to 65 cm for the cabinet and from 20 cm to 40 cm for the upper cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets should have a base at least 10 centimeters high, also spaced 10 centimeters so that the feet can accommodate under the platform, ideally the base should have an entire coat, without feet, so as not to accumulate dirt and facilitate the cleaning. While hanging cabinets have to be at least 14 cm off the floor so that the cleaning broom can reach the bottom of the cabinet. This distance from the base of the cabinets generally ranges from 10 to 22 inches in height.

The minimum distance for the passage is 60 cm, but to lower it is necessary at least 76 cm, and there is still the minimum distance to open the oven, 90 cm, and the cabinet doors to be taken into account. So the minimum distance is 80 cm for 1 person and 120 cm for two people, between two counters it is recommended between 120 cm to 150 cm.

Anyone who plans to make a kitchen with island needs to have a good space in it, leaving at least 60 cm to travel around all sides of the island and those 120 cm between the island and the parallel cabinet.
Oven Column

The microwave oven should be at eye level, its center may be between 130 cm and 150 cm from the floor, as its door opens laterally, since the electric oven can be accommodated below the microwave, between 90 cm to 97 cm from its center. The oven columns should be kept away from the stove so that the appliances are not greasy.

As for the stove, which may be a traditional built-in oven, or an electric or gas cook top, it should be near the sink preferably, with a transition area between both to accommodate the hot pots and allow the preparation of food, this area can be between 90 cm and 1.20 cm. The hood is usually at least 50 cm high and can be up to 70 cm from the top.

The sink should, whenever possible, be in freight the window, or area with greater luminosity, so that when washing and preparing the food its aspects are very visible, another recommendation is always to use white light in the kitchen and never the yellow light.

Worktops are a good option for small meals and also work as "entrees", between the kitchen and the dining room, can use stools with 70 to 80 cm in height where the table top should be between 100 and 110 cm high, at least 45 cm deep and between 20 cm and 30 cm to accommodate the legs under the top. Or if instead of stools chairs are used the height of the table should be 70 cm high and 40 deep.
The ideal distribution of spaces is when it is possible to create a working triangle, where the sink is in the center, between the refrigerator and the stove, this positioning technique facilitates and reduces the unnecessary movements in the kitchen.
In the cabinets sectors you should seek rationality, near the stove to the pots, seasonings and cutlery, near the sink the dishes, cleaning materials and organic garbage and around the dining table or American bench, cabinets with plates, glasses and cutlery.

These are the usual measures in most planned kitchen projects, but each project will have its specificity, with factors inherent in the distribution of spaces such as points of light, water, sewage, gas inlets, openings, passages, spatial relationships, dimensions, technical manual of each appliance and others.

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How to Clean Kitchen Surfaces and Kitchen Worktops

How to Clean Kitchen Surfaces and Kitchen Worktops

kitchen worktop installation

There are a few standard types of materials used for the make of kitchen worktops and for the cover of the kitchen walls. They are all easy to clean from the grease although some of them can be badly damaged around the sink if the water is not cleaned immediately after use, due to the limestone contained in the water. If the kitchen surfaces are damaged, there are not cleaning materials that can repair them and you’ll have to use the service of a restoration company.

The best you can do is to clean the kitchen worktops after each use or at least clean them daily. This way it won’t take a long time and you can use a damp moppet and just a drop of washing liquid to remove the marks and then dry the cleaned work areas.

Granite kitchen worktops:

This material is widely used in the kitchen as it is stain resistant and durable. The granite is also very easy to clean. Don’t use scratchy sponges when cleaning it, only a damp moppet or a cloth, with a drop of washing liquid, if necessary. You can also use an industrial granite surface cleaner but make sure to clean well with damp cloth and then dry the surface, especially if you have small children.

Ceramic tiles kitchen surfaces and walls: 

Stains on ceramic tiles could easily be cleaned with a kitchen cleaner. Spray the surfaces with the cleaner and leave it to work for a few minutes to loosen the grease. Very gently as to not damage the surface, clean with a sponge, wipe well with a damp cloth and wipe dry the ceramic worktops. The grouting between the ceramic tiles could be cleaned with bleach solution, one part bleach to three parts water. Apply to the areas and use a toothbrush to scrub well. Clean with water and wipe with a dry cloth.

Stainless steel kitchen surfaces: 

You can use an industrial stainless steel cleaner, following the instructions on the package. The other way of cleaning is with a non-scratching sponge, moistened with a bit of washing liquid and warm water. After stains and marks have been removed, wipe dry with a microfiber cloth. For polishing the surface, apply a little baby oil with a dry clean cloth and spread evenly over the surface.

Laminate kitchen worktops:

 Grease, stains and marks can be cleaned with kitchen cleaner. Spray all over the surfaces, let the cleaner work for a few minutes, scrub with non-scratching sponge and clean with a damp cloth. For stubborn stains you can use a bleach solution of one part thick bleach and three parts warm water. Rinse with water and wipe with a dry cloth.

Solid wood kitchen worktops:

These kitchen surfaces require regular oiling otherwise the wood soaks up the water and as a result swells and falls apart. For oiling use your chosen type of oil, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
Spills on hardwood kitchen worktops should be removed immediately or they would damage the wood permanently or at least will be very difficult to clean. Hard scrubbing with a cloth moistened with water and washing liquid should clean the wooden kitchen worktops well, if they haven’t been marked with spills which cannot be removed.

Plastic kitchen surfaces:

 Very easy to clean, only with a damp moppet or microfiber cloth. If necessary, add a drop of washing liquid. For stubborn stains from red wine or coffee on white plastic kitchen worktops, use bleach solution made of one part thick bleach and three parts water, rinse well and wipe dry. Do not use scratching sponges or scourers as they damage the kitchen surfaces.

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3.7 After Delivery
Wood is a natural product that can be affected by heat and humidity. In order to avoid bowing or warping of the worktops please read our Storage Guide below. We strongly advise you to read our 2 guides on our “Worktop Care and Maintenance” page where you will find further advice and some very useful tips on worktop aftercare.
We recommend that all worktops are oiled immediately upon receipt. Installation should be carried out as soon as possible after delivery. However if storage is necessary the worktops must be laid flat and fully supported in their original packaging.
They must be stored indoors (not in garages or outbuildings), away from extreme heat (radiators etc) and far away from any recently plastered areas. Do not store worktops vertically or on edges.
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Testimonials – kitchen worktop installers

kitchen worktop fitter
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Worktop Installation
Average rating:  
 54 reviews
 by Levadas Madeira
Professional work

professional work, they are very correct and fast. Good job guys!

 by Selmo Vieira
Good work and Good Price

Good work and Good Price! Thanks

 by Sam
Excellent workmanship

Excellent workmanship
Joe has just fitted our Apollo Magna worktops that we ordered. Joe had all the tools and expertise to adjust the worktops so they fit beautifully and perfect joints and edges. High recommend

 by Mary
Joe and his team have been fantastic

Joe and his team have been fantastic since my initial enquiry through to installation, couldn’t fault his communication, customer service or work. My new Acrylic worktops with waterfall look incredible, I’m so happy with the results. Would highly recommend and not hesitate to use them again!

 by Danielle Willison
Very impressed!

We were very impressed by Joe! He came to install our Mirostone worktops the weekend before Christmas after we had been let down last minute by our previously booked fitter. He did an excellent job, was very friendly and clearly an expert in his trade. Our worktops look stunning with joints that are so incredibly smooth. Would 100% recommend!

 by Jo Moore
Yes I would recommend 100%.

Yes I would recommend 100%. Great workmanship extremely friend, fast, clean and great value for money. Love the work, can't say enough good things about these guys. Cut and fitted my Apollo Magna worktops so fast. Thank you so much.

 by Hannah Boltwood

A great Minerva worktop installation from Joe and his team. The worktop was installed quickly and efficiently and the joints are really good. Very pleasant to have around the house and they left it very tidy.

 by HB
A great Minerva worktop installation…

A great Minerva worktop installation from Joe and his team. The worktop was installed quickly and efficiently and the joints are really good. Very pleasant to have around the house and they left it very tidy.

 by Bob Rowsell

We were having problems finding people with experience fitting Apollo work top and willing to do the work. A search on line found Worktopinstallation, a quick call and an email and despite being extremely busy, Joe fitted us in.
They arrived on time and did a great job. Cutting the material is messy but it was cleared up before they left.
To sum up, very happy, not cheap but you get what you pay for. Highly recommended.

 by Rebecca H

Joe and his colleague were very efficient and professional when fitting our metis worktop.
They would check that we were happy with everything from positioning to the shaping of the worktop before installing.
They were tidy workers and left the kitchen in a manner ready for us to use.
Communication was clear.
They were friendly and completed the worktop installation quickly.
Would definitely recommend.

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About Us

WORKTOP INSTALLATION is The UK’s Premier Kitchen Worktop Fitters Providing Specialists Worktop Installers & Mitre Services Nationwide.

KITCHEN WORKTOPS made to measure by our on-site kitchen worktop specialists, Kitchen worktop fitters, Installers.
We provide on-site solid surface, laminate and wooden kitchen worktop fitting services across most  the UK.
We are a leading provider of kitchen worktop installations and kitchen worktop fitting services across the UK.
we should be a first choice for installing or replacing any kitchen worktop. Our kitchen worktop installers install all laminate, wooden and solid surface kitchen worktops. Our competitive prices for joining kitchen worktops are probably the most competitive in the industry and our service second to none.
WORKTOP INSTALLATION have a vast experience since the year 2000 in all materials and brands of kitchen worktops.
Some popular brands of laminate and solid surface kitchen worktops we install include: SLATE, BASALT, QUARTZ, PIETRA, MINERVA, APOLLO SLAB-TECH, APOLLO MAGNA, EARTHSTONE, KARONIA, MISTRAL, MAIA, METIS, BUSH-BOARD, ENCORE, DUROPAL, ZENITH SOLID LAMINATE, MAX-TOP QUARTZ and many more….
All our KITCHEN WORKTOP FITTERS are time served carpenters an, joiners with extensive knowledge in all aspects of fitting, cutting and joining a kitchen worktops.
WORKTOP INSTALLATION are often approached by customers seeking knowledge and advice on how to install a kitchen or how to cut and mitre their kitchen worktops. Many of these clients soon realize the difficulty and frustration in fitting and mitring a kitchen worktop successfully. Firstly the high level of skill, then the high cost of professional equipment required to complete the job. For these reasons and for peace of mind most return to WORKTOP INSTALLATION for installing their new kitchen worktops.
We provide a kitchen worktop vanity top joining and cutting service to the commercial, domestic household and trade sectors.

We provide worktops installation in London Greater And Metropolitan, South East England, East Midlands, West Midlands, South West England, Yorkshire And The Humber, East England, North West England, North East England, North Wales, Mid Wales, Southern Wales. We are kitchen worktop fitters specialized in making all kinds of work in counter-tops resin and acrylic and wood. our installers are specialized in CORIAN WORKTOPS MISTRAL WORKTOPS MAIA WORKTOPS ENCORE WORKTOPS MINERVA WORKTOPS APOLLO SLAB TECH and MAGNA WORKTOPS EARTHSTONE WORKTOPS METIS KITCHEN WORKTOP

We are specialized in all type of  Kitchen worktops fitting: SOLID WOOD – LAMINATE – ZENITH SOLID LAMINATE WORKTOPS – MAX-TOP QUARTZ mitre join , drainage grooves, under mounted sink , curves radius , breakfast bar , up-stands , etc…

We do work all over the country at competitive prices and we always have KITCHEN WORKTOP FITTERS available to carry out the work. Bring your dream kitchen into reality.


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